The power of pride and humility!!!

There’s a saying “God gives and takes”. When God blesses you be it physically, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually or financially and you take it for granted, he will take it away. When you don’t value or use the gifts God has given you, he will give it to somebody who is ready to use it for his glory.

Take a look at Queen Vashti, she put up an attitude of arrogance and pride at the time of her reign as a queen. She took the Glory and Honor of God upon her life for granted. Pride brought her down to shame.

Perhaps she thought she was the only prettiest woman the King would ever have. But, little did she know she was digging her own grave of shame and dishonor.

In James 4:6, the Bible says God resist the proud but gives grace to the humble.

Queen Vashti was dethroned because of pride, whiles Ester was honored because of her humble background. Humility takes you to pleasant places. Humility is no respecter of age, background, sex, tribe, or name.

When the favor and grace of God locates the humble, all protocols are broken. There are no limitations.

Let us all be humble in all we do and the powerful grace of God will take us places we could never imagine. What ever gifts God has given you, use it to the glory of God. Stay blessed. Shalom!

About womanonthebattlefield

Ghanaian based in the united states, mother of 3 lovely girls(Nicole, Odelle, Angel), a Royal queen in Christ, CEO of RAYGNOS LOGISTICS,LLC & NICODELLE.
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